With summer travel season well and truly in full swing, families around the country are hitting the road.

Whether you are traveling to new places or across the state, you'll need a map. Here's how to use Google Maps to your advantage.

Road trips often mean you're driving through areas with low or no cell connectivity, so download maps to view offline. Search for a place then expand the menu from the bottom of the screen. Tap download and expand or reduce the area to save. Once the map is downloaded, you'll still get turn-by-turn navigation and directions even without a connection.

Always forgetting where you parked? Save your parking location by tapping the blue dot on the map, then select Set as parking location. Now you can navigate back to the car with walking directions or driving directions if you got really lost.

Pull up the Explore tab from the bottom of the screen to find restaurants, bars and attractions in the area. Scroll a little further down and you'll also find current events and activities.

And while it's not ready just yet, Maps will be getting a cool augmented reality feature that overlays turn-by-turn walking instructions over the image from your phone's camera.

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