A new $2.2 million helicopter hangar is under construction on Ted Steven's Anchorage International Airport property.

With a groundbreaking Friday, the project paid for by Alaska-based company ROTAK Helicopter Services is set to be done by November.

ROTAK isn't the only helicopter company at the airport, but it is one of a few. Era Group is also at the airport and the Alaska State Troopers use it as needed.

Airport Manager Jim Szczesniak said this is a good thing for the airport because "it diversifies the business mix at the airport".

"This is a potential project that is a business that we don't have at the airport currently," he said. 

Szczesniak also said that since ROTAK is paying for the facility, it helps keep them as a permanent tenant. 

"We're trying to do an overall plan where we maximize the benefits that the airport has," Szczesniak said. "We've got all of this economic activity here, with the cargo flights and the passenger flights, and we're just trying to use our available land to continue to increase the businesses at the airport so we can again grow the job base in Anchorage."

Szczesniak also cited the economic benefit of adding jobs because of the project. 

He says the airport is responsible for one-in-10 jobs in the Anchorage area.

"That's important because just the employees alone based on those jobs are pouring a billion dollars in salary, and that gets poured back directly into the community," he said. "We are very excited to add to that."

The hangar would at times house six of ROTAK'S helicopters and be their main headquarters. The company is based out of Lake Hood currently and focuses on external load utility work and aerial construction.

This is one of the newest in a slew of projects at the airport including upgrades to three taxiways.

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