Friday in Anchorage will be another day with clouds and showers -- similar to Thursday, expect a few breaks in the clouds before lunchtime.

Showers are likely to return in the afternoon and evening on Friday. But these showers today, are not expected to be as heavy as what fell on Thursday. Similar conditions are expected through the weekend.

A small weather front will arrive in Anchorage between late morning and early afternoon Saturday. Scattered showers to light rain are possible, but the rainfall should not last all day. Across Southcentral, most locations will receive some amount of precipitation on Saturday. The Matanuska and Susitna valleys and western Kenai Peninsula will see sprinkles to isolated showers. Heavier precipitation, like scattered showers and light rain are likely from Seward east through Prince William Sound.

Sunday through Tuesday are the best chances the Anchorage Bowl will have to receive a visit from the sun. The word visit is being used because more clouds and showers are expected toward the end of the seven day period. Next week Anchorage moves into the wettest month of the year. The average monthly rainfall for August is 3.25 inches. So far in July, Anchorage has received a little more than an inch and a half of rainfall.

Despite July being our warmest month on average, it is also the beginning of our wettest part of the year which extends from July through October.

July typically brings 1.83 inches of rain to Anchorage, which is more than May and June combined. August is our wettest month on average, with about 3.25 inches of rain but September isn't far behind with almost 3 inches of liquid sunshine.

The next couple of months may be soggier than the beginning of summer, but it doesn't mean they'll be colder. We generally continue to see mid-60s all the way through August with 70s occasionally into September.

So sit back and enjoy not needing to water the lawn, less pollen in the air and (some) freedom from mosquitos.

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Melissa Frey contributed information to this story.

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