The Beer and Bacon Festival is a day dedicated to celebrate the delicious pairing. To break down the event and the unique recipes you could see this year is Greg Beltz, general manager of the Lakefront Anchorage, and Jeremy Fike, the executive chef of Glacier Brewhouse, joined KTVA's Daybreak.

"It's basically about having a lot of fun" Beltz said of the festival, "bringing the two great pieces of food and liquid together to raise money for the American Cancer Society's Patient Lodging Crisis Fund."

This year will feature more brewers and cooks than ever before. With 20 different brewers, and 17 culinary contenders, it is sure to be a large event with a lot to eat and drink.

"I have seen everything from bacon popsicles, to last year's winner" Said Greg of some of the unique recipes that can be had at the event, "49th State (Brewery) had a very interesting dessert item."

Fike mentioned one recipe in particular as a taste of this year's lineup.

"We have a local pork belly from the Mat Valley, smoked in alder wood," Fike said. "We took our brewer's oatmeal stout and glazed it with it and with a root beer barbecue sauce"

The 6th annual Beer and Bacon Festival is sold out this year, but keep your eyes and ears open for chances to win tickets around town.

The festival kicks off at The Lakefront Anchorage on Saturday, July 28 from 1-6 p.m.

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