Alaska State Troopers say registered sex offenders are targets in a recent phone scam. 

According to the troopers online dispatch, a caller claims to be a trooper in the sex offender and child kidnapper registry office and demands to be paid. 

"The person then tells the victim that they are out of compliance and threatens arrest if a sum of money is not paid," troopers wrote. 

Troopers say this is a scam and no law enforcement agency would ever contact someone and demand money over the phone. 

"Do not provide payment to anyone claiming to be law enforcement that reaches out to you via phone or email," troopers say. 

Anyone who believes they are out of compliance with the sex offender registry can get information by contacting your local police or trooper post. Do not use the phone number given by the unknown caller, AST said.

For more information on the Sex Offender/Child Kidnapper Registry, click here

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