Fossil Fuel's donuts bring high-performance and plant-based in the form of donuts.

Alexa Daniels and Jordan Bolton, co-owners of Fossil Fuel, joined Daybreak on Wednesday to break down what their donuts are all about.

"We're really trying to provide our consumer with the need for nutrition and convenient energy source," Said Daniels. "And the donuts are a fun way to deliver this message."

The donuts are made with plant-based ingredients, which are high fat and low in carbohydrates.

"Burning fat for fuel is the most sustainable way of fueling your body and mind," Daniels said.

The price point is pretty high, averaging about $50 per dozen donuts. However, the co-owners defended the price.

"Our donuts take about three days to complete and they're just packed with all organic, nutritious, whole food," said Bolton. "I think the customers we have really understand the cost of these real food ingredients".

To order a batch of Fossil Fuel's donuts, you can visit them at their website and order kitchen pick up. There is also a list of locations on their website that lists the retail locations you can pick them up at around the state.

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