The woman charged with stabbing a man nearly a dozen times at a busy Anchorage intersection was in court Tuesday afternoon.

According to court documents Jaylene Unok, 22, is charged with one count of first-degree assault in the attack on Steven Carter.

The attack happened Monday just before 2 p.m. at Benson Boulevard and the New Seward Highway. Unok admitted to police she stabbed Carter, prosecutors said. 

Police say Carter's wounds are life-threatening. Charging documents say he was stabbed 10 times, suffering five wounds in his torso, three to his upper right back, one to his upper left back and one to his lower abdomen.

One witness, a driver stopped in nearby traffic, told police he saw three people who appeared homeless arguing. He said he saw one of the men walk away, but then saw a woman later identified at Unok hitting the victim.

The witness told police he started to drive away when the light turned green and then realized the victim was being stabbed.

The driver turned around and took pictures of the woman walking away on Northern Lights Boulevard. He told police he then tried to help the victim and called 911.

Prosecutors said Unok was found several blocks away near Chuck E. Cheese's on Northern Lights.

When she was told the attack was reported by witnesses, prosecutors said, she told police, "That's why you kill people in the dark."

Matthew Faubion contributed information to this story.

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