People struggling with addiction in the Mat-Su Valley will now have easier access to clean supplies.

Four A’s, the Alaskan Aids Assistance Association, will begin a mobile syringe exchange program in the Valley.

The organization received $160,000 over two years from the Mat-Su Health Foundation to fund the program.

Matt Allen, the director of HIV prevention and education, said Four A’s follows a “harm reduction” policy which provides clean supplies to addicts to limit the spread of diseases like HIV and hepatitis C.

“Over time, they get to know the staff and we talk to them and start asking about treatment options and getting tested regularly so overall it's really good on the educational part of it and helping people make better choices,” Allen said.

Allen said last year Four A’s took in 700,000 used needles and exchanged them for about 630,000 clean ones.

The mobile clinic will also have HIV and hepatitis C testing available as well.

Staff plan to bring the mobile clinic to the valley twice a week. The first day will be Thursday, July 26.

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