Wasilla Lake hosted some weekend boating action that wasn't your average cruise during the annual Moose Nugget Regatta.

During the event, rowing crews take off from one side of the lake and head to the other.

"It's so intricate, it's such a finesse sport, I've always loved sports that have a lot of finesse," said Karen Hurd, who has been involved with the sport since 2002.

"It's the camaraderie," said Hurd's husband, Jim. "When we go different places to row, we see the same faces; it's just a lot of fun."

This is the 20th anniversary of the regatta hosted by the Anchorage Rowing Association, and the 17th time it's taken place at Wasilla Lake. Rowers used to compete down the road at Lake Lucille, but floatplanes sank that idea.

"Rust's Flying Service was flying in and out, we'd have to do a race hold, let all their planes fly in -- they'd have breakfast, we'd have to do a race hold," said the association's Marietta Hall. "All their planes would fly out again because they do a lunch service flight."

She and her members train at Sand Lake, but don't race there.

"There's a lot of airplanes, a lot of boat traffic -- they would never let us put five lanes across Sand Lake," Hall said.

Crews follow the rowers in motorized boats at Wasilla Lake in case of trouble. That's something they could not do at Sand Lake, since those boats are not allowed on Anchorage waterways.

Wasilla Lake also offers another perk unavailable elsewhere: five full lanes for rowers. The marked lanes do more than guide the way from one side of the lake to the other side.

"When we go Outside, we're constantly racing on a buoy course," Hall said. "It's a little intimidating so we said, 'If we're going to put on a race up here, we're going to get our people ready to race in the Lower 48.'"

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