Alaska State Troopers say they have seized six firearms from people illegally target shooting dangerously close to others fishing near the Jim Creek area. 

Troopers responded after receiving reports of several people discharging numerous weapons around 3 a.m. Monday, according to an online dispatch.

Troopers said they heard well over 100 shots when they arrived and one unidentified male took off into the woods. Anchorage residents William J. Lundy, 27, and Chasly D. Lykins, 31, remained at the scene and cooperated with officers. 

Some of the 20 weapons examined by Alaska State Troopers after illegal gunfire reported Monday, July 23, 2018 near Jim Creek. (Credit: From AST)

"A total of 20 firearms were observed including semi-automatic rifles, handguns and revolvers," troopers wrote. "Six of the firearms were found to be reported stolen out of Anchorage and were seized, including a .308 AR style rifle, a revolver and four handguns of various makes and calibers."

Troopers say Lundy and Lykins denied knowledge of the firearms being stolen. The two were given citations for shooting within the Knik River Public Use Area because it is illegal to target shoot in that area.

Trooper Sgt. Brent Johnson said the men were sober, but investigators weren't able to file theft charges in association with the case.

"The legal standard for arresting someone for theft or receiving stolen property is fairly high," Johnson said. "We either have to…there are two criminal charges that could fall into place. One is theft which means the person actually stole it. Unfortunately with firearms is what we see is they’re traded, sold, bartered, so being able to track who actually stole it is very difficult once it’s recovered."

The case was given to the Palmer district attorney's office for review.

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