It's a new role, though temporary for Hunter Fejes, as the Anchorage native goes from player to coach.

No complaints though.  
"It's good to teach these kids, because, if you can teach these kids, it makes you even better as a player," said Fejes, during a break from his inaugural "Camp 49 Hockey" program at the Subway Sports Center in south Anchorage. 
Kids learn how to improve their skills on the ice.
"It's just been a whirlwind for these kids and I'm just so proud I could bring this to the state of Alaska," Fejes said.
He is not the only pro at the camp. Defenseman Ryan Murray of the Columbus Blue Jackets makes his first visit to Alaska.
"I think it's just a cool area, a unique part of the world, like I said, just excited to be here," said Murray.    
Winnipeg Defenseman Dustin Byfuglien is no stranger to the 49th State. This visit is all about helping the young hockey players improve their skills.
"The kids always appreciate it, and it's always fun to watch them develop through the week, and help them," said Byfuglien. 
Jim Johnson spent last season as an assistant coach with Edmonton but could not pass up another visit to Alaska.
"When you have a guy like Hunter, that's willing to put in the effort and the time, we're willing to come out and support him," said Johnson.
Those who participated in the camp are grateful.
"I just heard about the opportunity of playing with NHL players and NHL coaches, so I thought it would be a good time to learn new skills and get better," said Jack Carter.
Ryan Murray's summer has already been a good one, he signed a one-year deal to remain in Columbus, before he came to Anchorage.
"Looking forward to get going, I've got a lot of faith in our team, we've got a lot of good players," said Murray.
Meanwhile, the future is unclear for Fejes-- he's now a free agent
"Things are looking good, I've put myself in a good situation," said Fejes, as he first wants to do the same for kids in hometown, who share his dream of finding the professional ice.

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