An Anchorage mother is asking for the public’s help to track down a man she says tried to break into her home in the College Village area.

Out of privacy and safety for her family, Haden asked only her first name be used.

She had just gone to work around 8 a.m. Thursday and her stepdaughter Ashley was home with her two young girls.

Ashley heard the doorbell ring. Then a man shouted through the door, “Anyone home?”

She said he then he started ramming the door with his shoulder.

“My heart was racing. I have my two girls in there and it terrified me,” Ashley said. “I immediately picked them up and went to the back room.”

Their security camera only records 30 seconds of video after it’s motion-activated and did not capture that part of the incident. Shortly after the heavily tattooed man walked back into its field of view, he began scribbling on a hot pink notepad. Then he walked to the side of the family’s home and wrote down more notes.

“He has no fear. He knows someone is in the house on the phone,” Haden said.

Ashley called Haden to come back home then called 911. After speaking with officers the women decided to leave the house for the day.

Haden drove by the Shriner’s Temple parking lot a few blocks away and spotted the man with two other people. She said they were transferring goods back and forth between two vehicles.

As the man drove away, he and Ashley and Haden ended up at the same stoplight.

Ashley said the man walked toward her with his arms in the air saying, “What you want,” then reached to his waistband.

“My heart was racing in that moment,” Ashley said. “Everyone knows only bad can come from that.”

Officers arrived and used the family’s surveillance video to identify the man.

APD spokesman MJ Thim said 29-year-old Jake Lish is a person of interest in what police call a “suspicious circumstances” case. He explained knocking on a door isn’t illegal but police would like to talk with Lish to see why he was there.

Jake Lish, 29, has an outstanding warrant for a probation violation in a vehicle theft case.

Lish also has an outstanding warrant for a probation violation in a vehicle theft case. Thim said APD and Alaska State Troopers are actively looking for him.

Haden said she’s always felt safe in her neighborhood but is glad she made the investment in security cameras around her home.

“So many people know what the crime rate is here in Anchorage and how difficult it is for the police officers to cover everything," she said. "So it’s going to take a lot of self-vigilance to take care of yourself and your home and your property.”

Anyone with information about Lish’s whereabouts is asked to call police at 311.

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