Anchorage, what's with all this fog and clouds? Don't worry, There is still a great weekend in store.

Visible satellite shows the fog and low clouds are beginning to retreat. This afternoon, expect decreasing clouds.

Once the morning clouds clear, the Anchorage bowl should begin to warm nicely after lunchtime into the early evening. This late start in warming will make it difficult for temperatures to make up to 70 degrees today, but there is still have a chance. A glance at temperatures across the region shows the adjacent areas to the north of Southcentral, without cloud cover, are already in the low to mid-60s.

The high-pressure system that produced sunny skies over the last two days is still the dominant weather feature over Southcentral today. However, moisture in the lower level of the atmosphere allowed fog to form over the hills and in sheltered areas this early morning. Moisture in the lower levels also includes water that is absorbed into ground soils.

Above the fog, a low deck of stratus continues to cover our skies this morning. This cloud layer is also caused by low-level moisture. Except this moisture is moving into our area from the southwest at an altitude of about 1,000 to 2,000 feet above sea level.

Is there any good news in all this? Yes, there is still a great start to the weekend in the forecast as the clouds should begin to break up after lunchtime. But, a repeat event of morning fog and low clouds are possible for Saturday.

The weekend should fairly dry. There is a slight chance of showers late Sunday. But, the best chances for precipitation will come a little later next week.

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