An effort is under way to change the name of an Anchorage park, in honor of a bicyclist killed by a drunk driver.

In 2014, Jeff Dusenbury died at Spruce Park after being hit by Alexandra Ellis.

Thursday night, friends and family gave testimony at Spruce Park, as to why it should be re-named Jeff Dusenbury Memorial Park. A representative from Mayor Ethan Berkowitz's office was there to record the comments, which were announced to a crowd via megaphone.

Sheila Swanson, a friend of Dusenbury, said there is no more appropriate name to give the park.

"Spruce Park conjures up a natural habitat for Alaska. But a Jeff Dusenbury Memorial Park conjures up a spot to reflect, to say hello and remember the tremendous outpouring after he died," Swanson said. "To remind us how to be the best person Jeff always was, and inspire future generations to look up his name and discover the role model he was, and is, for a major part of our community."

A four-member naming panel was recently created by the city. It's responsible for officially recommending the name change to the Parks and Recreation Commission. The testimony given Thursday, along with signed petitions, will be included in the panel's request.

If and when the commission gives its OK, the request then goes to the Assembly for final approval.

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