A teen accused of trying to kidnap another teen in Anchorage allegedly claimed he was inspired by social media.

Lor P. Lee, 19, was arraigned Wednesday on charges of attempted kidnapping and third-degree assault.

According to charging documents, the encounter took place on the bike path along the Old Glenn Highway in Eagle River near Fire Lake Drive.

Police said Lee told them he'd been thinking about his plan as a prank for three to four days, after watching online videos. 

Police say the victim was riding his bike on a path to meet up with some friends. 

"What this 13-year-old teen did was amazing," APD Lt. Shaun Henry said. "He was out doing what we want all kids to do, have fun, be safe; he was riding his bike on a bike path, a place he had every right to be, enjoying the day." 

In the charging documents, Lee says he pulled over on the Old Glenn shortly after he saw the teen riding his bike. 

"The boy was confronted with a bad situation," Henry said. "It was horrible and terrifying for him, but he never once gave up."

According to police, Lee told the teen he was looking for a missing child. The boy stopped on his bike and replied that he hadn't seen anything. Lee then asked the teen to get in his car with him. The teen refused and tried to bike away. 

"The teen tried to ride off and get away," Henry said. "That's when Mr. Lee physically restrained the teen and held onto him. The two fought, Mr. Lee then displayed a knife and threatened the boy with it. There was an opportunity where the boy was able to get his arms free during the struggle where he was able to punch and fight back, hitting Mr. Lee in the face."

The teen was able to get to his bike and was pursued on foot by Lee.

"I didn't see anything but if I did I would've been right in the middle of it," said neighbor Mike Hall. "It happened right in front of my house. I can't believe someone would do something like that, especially with all the traffic out here and during the daytime."

Hall says in the last 10 to 15 years, he's seen more and more suspicious activity in the area. 

"My wife and I keep an eye on all the kids," Hall said. "If anyone is lost or needs help they can always come over here and we'll help them. There's so much of this going on now. I don't have an answer. There are a lot of kids and joggers who use the bike path. I try to watch out for them as much as possible. I've seen some questionable people around there, some mailboxes have been hit on Fire Lake Drive too. Cars following FedEx trucks and stuff like that. I'm glad the boy is alright, I really am."

"You think about someone who is willing to do an attack like this," Henry said. "Kidnapping, physically restraining the boy and threatened to kill him with a knife. He was willing to do that in broad daylight so his thinking is not as rational as yours or mine. It is what it is. He saw an opportunity and did what he did. The teen is the real hero, he helped us solve it."

After getting away from Lee, the teen noticed the car Lee was driving and also caught the license plate number. 

"He was afraid for his life and thought he would never see his family again," Henry said. "He got away and as a bonus in doing so, was very observant under the circumstances, saw the car and plate. The boy said he was riding his bike as fast as he could and just repeated the plate over and over in his head. He didn't want to forget it, he was so determined to pass that on. 

Officers used information from the boy and responded to the home the vehicle was registered to, located on the 16500 block of the Old Glenn Highway. Police made contact with several people inside the home including Lee, who was identified as the suspect in the case and taken to the Anchorage Police Department for questioning.

Lee's next court appearance will be at a July 23 bail hearing. Alaska court records show Lee has no prior criminal history.

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