You have one more day to nominate a kid you think is making a difference in your community.

"Summer of Heroes is a partnership program with the Boys and Girls Club or Alaska," said Heather Cavanaugh, with Alaska Communications. "This is our eighth year and we award five scholarships each year to kids in Alaska doing great work in their community."

The "Summer of Heroes" scholarship is $1,500 and the deadline to nominate is 5 p.m. on Friday, July 20.

One of last year's recipients spearheads a program called, "Hashtaglunchbaganc" and gives food to people facing homelessness in Anchorage.

"We meet once a month and we feed the homeless in Anchorage," said Aunika Alch, a 'Summer of Heroes' recipient. "It's a lunch bag with a sandwich,  water bottle and a fruit and a love note."

The note says something inspirational or funny to make people laugh or smile.

Alch came up with the idea of "Hashtaglunchbaganch" from a friend who participates in the program in Los Angeles. Every month she has different friends or people she contacts on Facebook or Instagram to help her distribute the lunch bags.

"We have a van or two vans that take us out, and we go to different places. One of us goes downtown, the other goes to midtown and the homeless shelter."

Alch is a junior and says the scholarship money from "Summer of Heroes" will go towards college.

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