A group of 18 riders are embarking on a 23,000-mile journey from Prudhoe Bay to the southern tip of Argentina.

“It truly is a journey of a lifetime,” said Julia Sanders, with GlobeBusters Limited. “We plan it all and we prepare all the riders to come along and have one of the best experiences of their life.”

Sanders and her husband Kevin broke a Guinness World Record in 2003 when they rode the same trip in 34 days. Now, they make a living planning the trip for others.

On Sunday, July 22, 16 motorcycles and 18 people will leave Anchorage and drive north to Prudhoe Bay to start the 5-and-a-half month journey.

“We also have someone in a support vehicle following us, with all the spare tires and repair kits… spare fuel,” said Kevin Sanders with Globebusters Limited.

The longest distance they plan to ride in one day is 475 miles in Argentina.

“They have a road called Router 3, up the coast and through,” Julia said. “[It’s] a little like the roads in British Colombia and Alaska. There’s no traffic lights, there’s no roundabouts. Steady speed, open road and away you can go.”

An average ride for the group will be about 200 to 220 a day, according to Julia. The group will do day-trips along the way including a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru.

“This will be my eighth time [riding], but it does change you,” Kevin said. “We’re living out of two side boxes on the motorcycle, that’s it… you see wonderful things that make you question what’s important in life and you realize you can live quite simply on your motorcycle out of two boxes.”

You can follow the GlobeBusters’ motorcycle journey from Alaska to Argentina on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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