A call Wednesday night involving gunfire near the Northway Mall ended with one man in custody, police said.

Renee Oistad, an APD spokeswoman, said no injuries were reported in the encounter near the Northway Mall which led to 42-year-old Anthony S. Gordon’s arrest.

“Initial indications are that [Gordon] was at his girlfriend’s home in the Penland Parkway trailer park when he fired more than one shot from a handgun,” Oistad wrote. “Gordon then left and walked to the Carrs gas station next to Northway Mall.”

The station’s attendant was outside when Gordon entered.

Anchorage police responded to a shots-fired call near the Northway Mall on Wednesday, July 18, 2018. (Credit: John Thain/KTVA)

APD Sgt. Steve Childers said the shots fired took place indoors.

"There was a guy reported shooting off a couple rounds into the air; it turned out those shots were actually in a trailer," Childers said. "The rounds that he fired off were very close to causing injury to some innocent bystanders."

One of Gordon’s guns had been stolen on May 30 from a locked vehicle outside a Northern Lights Boulevard home, according to Oistad. In addition, he “displayed signs of being on drugs and he had drugs on his person.”

Gordon, described by police as a convicted felon and an absconder from probation, has been wanted on a contempt-of-court warrant stemming from an arson charge.

“Gordon is facing additional weapon and drug charges for this evening’s incident,” Oistad wrote. “The motive for Gordon firing the weapon is still under investigation.”

John Thain contributed information to this story.

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