From visual poetry, classical music mixed with hip-hop and luminescent puppetry; the Alaska Junior Theater’s new season is bringing shows from around the world to kids in Anchorage.

“They’re some of our most exciting shows,” said Lainie Dreas, the theater's executive director.

This year's theme is "A Season of Favorites." There are five shows for the 2018-2019 season and tickets go on sale Wednesday.

The first show, “Black Violin,” includes two classical violinists who hook up with a hip-hop DJ to make a new sound.

“They’re calling it the ‘Classic Boom Tour’ and these guys are great,” Dreas said. “They’re artistically fabulous and so popular right now.”

“Black Violin” will play the Performing Arts Center Nov. 1 and 2, during the group’s third visit to Anchorage. Dreas says the previous shows at the Atwood Concert Hall both sold out.

“[Their] new album called, ‘Stereotypes’ is about looking at the world with different eyes and not just accepting what’s there,” Dreas said.

Another show this season, "Air Play," features a silent clowning group.

"The entire set is in the air. " said Elizabeth Serrano, with Alaska Junior Theater. "They have these huge bands on the side of the stage, stunning scene. They have fabric to keep them aloft, these umbrellas floating through the air. [It's] so beautiful."

Other upcoming performances include "Stone Soup and Other Stories," "Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey" and "Emily Brown and the Thing."

To learn more about the upcoming performances and get tickets, go here.

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