Take a walk through Town Square Park and you'll notice a brightly painted orange and white striped Piano. A chair sits in front, and a sign reads: "Please Sit Down & Play a Tune!"

And that's just what people did on a sunny lunch hour. Benjamin Balovit strolled up the piano, coffee in hand. He pulled up the chair and suddenly the park was transformed away from the busy sounds of the city and into an era of jazz.

His audience was a mix of tourists from out of town, business women on lunch, and a few local families.

Jamie Boring with the Anchorage Downtown Partnership was inspired to try a public piano after seeing a similar one in Atlanta. He says he reached out to the Anchorage School District and they donated an old piano.

The Downtown Partnership fixed it up, had it painted by some local artists, and partnered with the Performing Arts Center to store it.

It gets rolled out in the morning and stored away at night.