A jury has found Christian Beier guilty in the 2015 Anchorage shootings of a woman he was dating and his friend, which Beier’s defense had claimed was the result of a love triangle.

The jury took just a day after it was given the case to return its verdict regarding Beier, convicting him on all eight counts of which in the shootings.

Caia Delavergne and Conor Lally were shot in October 2015 and survived their injuries, although Delavergne lost an eye in the shooting.

Beier’s defense claimed he thought Delavergne and Lally were sleeping together, making the case a crime of passion – and an assault rather than an attempted murder.

The prosecution, however, denied that the victims had been in a relationship.

As Beier left the courtroom in handcuffs Friday, walking past Delavergne and Lally, he told them "I'm sorry, you guys."

Rachel McPherron contributed information to this story.

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