Anchorage police have taken a man who was reportedly “brandishing a weapon” late Wednesday into custody, after an overnight standoff in which the department's SWAT team deployed gas.

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According to an APD statement, the man was taken into custody at about 5:40 a.m. Thursday. Police spokeswoman Kendra Doshier identified him as Allan Hernandez, 52, saying he faces charges of assault, weapons misconduct and reckless endangerment.

"We were finally able to get him in custody," Doshier said. "It's been a very long night."

Police were initially called to the vicinity of Arctic Boulevard at about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday for reports of Hernandez pointing the weapon “at people on the roadway.”

“The suspect was located at a residence on the 900 block of Chugach Way,” police wrote. “He is currently alone inside the residence and has been refusing to come out.”

Patrol officers requested help at the scene -- off Arctic south of 36th Avenue -- from the SWAT team. Gas was deployed by 4:25 a.m., and a robot was subsequently deployed.

Lt. Gerard Asselin, the head of APD's SWAT team, said Hernandez had been arrested at his home with nobody else inside. At one point, Asselin said, Hernandez had waved a gun and pointed it at officers through a window.

Police had asked people to avoid the Chugach Way area during the incident.

Cassie Schirm contributed information to this story.

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