Public school education covering teen violence will now carry the name of a dating violence victim: Breanna Moore.

Moore was killed by her boyfriend four years ago.

Gov. Bill Walker on Wednesday made the change official, by signing HB214 into law.

Students in grades 7 through 12 will get instruction on avoiding dating violence, using school district curriculum.

The program is part of the Alaska Safe Children’s Act, directed by the Alaska Department of Education, called the "Bree Moore Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Program."

Bill supporters gathered at the Anchorage Native Primary Care Center for the signing.

Bree’s mother, Cindy Moore, fought back tears during while speaking to the reason HB214 is needed in Alaska’s public schools.

“Beautiful. Kind. Loving. Happy Motivated. Friend. Daughter. That’s who Bree was,” she said. “What happened to her shouldn’t have happened. What happens to so many women in our state and in our nation when it comes to domestic violence and dating violence should never happen.

“But, as parents, we were busy with our lives. We were busy raising our kids. We never had a thought about dating violence. We were never worried about Bree and her dating relationships. She was a strong girl. She was popular. She made good decisions.

“Boy, was I wrong.

"We certainly would never have thought in a million years she would have been killed by her boyfriend. I thought maybe she had gotten into a car accident. But it's real. It's happening. And it's happening way too often in our state and it's happening to everyone.”

House Rep. Harriet Drummond, (D-Anchorage) sponsored the bill. It was part of a flurry of bills that cleared the legislature in the final days of the session. The bill passed unanimously in the Senate and 39-to-1 in the House.

“Bree’s story provides a lasting and powerful lesson about the need to educate young people, to recognize and safely respond to dating violence,” Drummond said. “The story of Bree’s life, the inspiring person that she was and the unspeakable tragedy that befell her helped shine the light on the problem of teen dating violence in our state.”

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