About 5,100 people lost power for hours Wednesday morning in Eagle River, with all service currently restored.

The Matanuska Electric Association’s Facebook page initially reported the outage at about 6:30 a.m. in the vicinity of its Briggs and Johnson substations. By 9 a.m., service had been restored to nearly 4,000 people served by the Johnson substation, as workers continued to examine a transmission line in the area.

"They are suspecting a bird flew into the lines, but are still patrolling to confirm," MEA officials wrote. "Crews are continuing to work to restore those members served from the Briggs Substation."

Service was fully restored about 15 minutes later.

MEA spokeswoman Julie Estey said the outage, affecting the Hiland Road and Eagle River Valley areas, was first reported at about 6:40 a.m. Responding workers began by looking at the transmission line because a line issue was likelier than the substations failing simultaneously.

A KTVA editor driving into town on the Glenn Highway Wednesday said the morning commute was slowed due to highway lighting being out, as well as morning rain.

Anchorage police dispatchers didn't have any reports Wednesday of traffic signals being out or collisions occurring as a result of the outage.

Will Mader contributed information to this story.

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