Anchorage Police Tuesday released an updated description of the suspect vehicle involved in a fatal hit-and-run last month. 

Cassandra Tinker, 23, was struck and killed in a collision at 34th Avenue and C Street on Saturday, June 15. 

 APD says the suspect vehicle's passenger side headlight/turn signal assembly was left behind at the scene of the crash. Using the part number, investigators were able to narrow down the vehicle type; the suspect vehicle is most likely a blue 1990 to 2000 crew cab (four-door), model 2500 (3-quarter ton) or 3500 (one tone) pickup. Investigators believe it's likely a Chevy, rather than a GMC. 

Further, investigators believe there's a silver molding stripe running along the bottom of the body instead of running boards. 

Anyone with information on the suspect vehicle is asked to call 311 or Crime Stoppers. 

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