The Anchorage Assembly Monday afternoon reviewed credentials for seven candidates seeking to fill Tim Steele’s vacated west Anchorage seat.

The assembly is holding a 3:30 p.m. work session to interview the candidates, reconvening at 5 to select Steele’s interim successor.

The candidates are:

  • Nick Danger
  • David Darden
  • Dustin Darden
  • John Schultz
  • Ira Perman
  • Will Tremaine
  • Jim Kubitz

Dustin Darden has also filed to be on the ballot for next month’s special election for a permanent successor.

Whoever receives Tuesday’s appointment starts Thursday and serves through Aug. 28.

Last month, Steele stepped down for health reasons; the municipality first announced there would be an interim appointment while it held a special election on Aug. 7.

Ballots in the special vote-by-mail election will be mailed to District 3 residents on July 17. Voters will have Aug. 7 to fill out ballots and return them in one of three ways.

They may be returned by mail, placed in one of several secure drop boxes throughout the district, or returned to a vote center located inside the Municipality of Anchorage Election Center at 619 E. Ship Creek Ave.

Mailed ballots must be postmarked on or before Aug. 7. The ballot must be received by the municipal clerk by noon Aug. 24.

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