By Edible Alaska

It’s that time of year when it seems to be everywhere; in your garden, in the parkway, in the grocery store. All around the state, Alaskans are eating rhubarb pie and rhubarb ice cream, drinking craft cocktails featuring rhubarb, and wondering “what else can I do with all this rhubarb?

That’s what this feature is for! I created this easy recipe for braised red cabbage with rhubarb that you can make and enjoy right now with some grilled sausage (or if it’s too hot for a braised dish, it can be stored in your freezer for cooler weather). The rhubarb in this recipe acts much like a granny smith apple—adding a nice tartness that keeps this filling side dish from feeling too heavy. 

If you want to try something super refreshing we recommend these spicy chicken thighs with rhubarb cucumber salsa. Lots of cucumbers at the farmers markets (or in your CSA boxes) right now! Find a locally raised chicken and you’re in for a real treat. 

You may also be feeling overwhelmed by chard. Here’s a recipe for roasted salmon with rhubarb and chard to help in that department too. You know what else rhubarb pairs great with? Salmon! This recipe for salmon burgers with rhubarb chutney from Mandy Dixon ran in the very first issue of Edible Alaska and has remained one of our most popular posts!  Make up extra batches of the chutney and you’ve got the first of your holiday gifts done! 

Also back in the summer of 2016, Shawna Calt introduced us to this rhubarb simple syrup. Make up a nice big batch of that some quiet evening and you’re set for the year. 

We love rhubarb for dessert too. Enjoy LaDonna Gundersen’s take on a classic rhubarb crumble. We'd serve this with a dollop of whipped cream AND vanilla ice cream! 

No matter how you enjoy it - sweet, savory, or on the rocks - rhubarb is one of Alaska's true summer flavors! 

This article was originally published on and is reprinted with permission.