Private messages made public in an Anchorage courtroom Thursday reveal more about the relationships between three young people in 2015 and what went on behind closed doors in a Downtown "party house"-turned-crime scene. 

Christian Beier, 24, is on trial for multiple felony charges including two counts of attempted murder. He's accused of shooting Conor Lally and Caia Delavergne on October 23, 2015. 

Both teenagers at the time, Lally and Delavergne survived their injuries and recounted the events they remember to a jury Thursday. 

Their testimony painted a picture of what went on in the five-bedroom home near Fifth Avenue and N Street during the month of October--regular parties involving drugs and alcohol, with participants oftentimes sleeping over to avoid driving under the influence. 

Delavergne, having only met Beier 21 days before the shooting, told the jury she was not dating Beier but regularly spent time with him at the home, which Lally lived in. 

In a Facebook message exchange on October 19, Beier appears to tell Delavergne he doesn't "want to jump into a relationship," but wants to be friends and likes her personality. 

But just a few days later, on October 23, after Delavergne says Beier found out she and Lally had kissed, the tone of his messages changed, and he sent her a barrage of texts while she was sleeping: 

  • "Based on what I heard last night you are not interested in me. Forget everything I said ill find another girl to comfort me at night. Goodbye."
  • "You are not worth my time." 
  • "And just so you know, you say the dumbest sh** ive ever heard in my life. Your IQ must be low as f***" 
  • "Dumb b****" 
  • "You stupid c***" 
  • "All of nt friends told me you are a dumb w**** and to stay away. They were right I should have listened" 
  • "Dumb b*****s worthless piece of s*** f*** you" 
  • "Keep the phone don't ever speak to me again b****" 

Delavergne testified she was sleeping in Lally's bed when she received the texts because someone else was on the couch, but claims she was fully clothed and did not have sex with Lally. 

By that evening, the victims say they believe Beier had seen Delavergne in Lally's bed, and he came back to the home upset. 

Lally said he opened the door for Beier, who walked in and said "Sometimes guns just go..." before shooting him multiple times. Lally described a struggle with Beier, who he says tried to strangle him, then pistol-whipped him. 

"I said, 'Why don't you just kill me already?' because it felt like every time he hit me, I was just see the light, you know, so he shot me point blank right here in the stomach," Lally told the jury. 

He was shot in the stomach area a total of four times before he said Beier headed upstairs to fine Delavergne. 

"He walked in the bedroom and I was sitting on the bed and I shook my head no because he had the gun out and he shot me," said Delavergne, later demonstrating for the jury how Beier held the gun sideways when he fired. 

The bullet entered Delavergne's left eye and traveled out of her skull. She now uses a custom-made prosthetic. 

Both victims said they received messages from Beier after the shooting-- while he was on the run. 

A message to Delavergne said, "You stupid b****. That's what happens when you f*** with my heart and my head. Ill be back to finish what I started later. F*** you dumb c*** sucking s****" 

A messaged to Lally read, "Hey motherf*****. Bet you are sorry now for sleeping with the girl I was interested in. I heard you survived. Good news for me. now I can do the job again. F*** you a******. I hope you die in that hospital b****." 

The State will continue presenting its case Friday. 

Once they're done, the defense will have a turn to call their own witnesses, and Beier will have an opportunity to be heard if he chooses to testify.   

During opening statements, Beier's attorney argued his client isn't guilty of attempted murder, as he was acting under extreme passion. 

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