The Alaska Baseball League draws dozens of players from around the country every year.

They come to improve their skills and experience things unique to the 49th State. That includes the annual Fourth of July doubleheader at Mulcahy Stadium.

The Anchorage Bucs and Anchorage Glacier Pilots play two night games before the fireworks show.

The sun does not completely set, which is something new to many of the ballplayers, including two members of the Anchorage Bucs, Daniel Rivero and Willy Escala, of the University of Miami.

"It's a lot different weather here. I guess it's pretty fun; the sun never goes down, so you never have to worry about the lights being bright enough or anything. It's definitely a cool experience to be out here," said Escala, a freshman shortstop from Miami.

"I've never been west of Illinois, so I was looking forward to coming out here to see what the weather is like, seeing what the atmosphere is like with the mountains-- I'm not used to that back home; it's all beaches down there," said Rivero, a sophomore pitcher from Davie, FL.

The Bucs swept the doubleheader, but the games do not count in the standings. They are 5-5 in their last 10 games-- third place in the league.

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