An Anchorage homeowner is looking for the man who stole his wallet from his truck and went on a shopping spree after the crime was caught on his security camera early Monday morning. 

The video recorded by Ring, a home security system, shows the thief jump in and rummage through a Dodge 1500 truck that was parked outside a hillside home located in the 3000 block of Eastwind Drive. 

"We had the doors unlocked from the night before looking for a driver lic (sic) with the kids," the homeowner wrote in an email Thursday afternoon. "He took my wallet, and our Canon camera with [a] few months of family photos (I can never get back)."

Between 4:30 a.m. and 7 a.m., the thief went on a shopping spree at Home Depot, Walmart, Tesoro and Carrs. 

"After 7am (sic) the card was cancelled (sic) as soon as I saw the footage on my phone of the theft," he wrote.

The homeowner posted the video to the Ring app, which alerts other homeowners in the area who use the same security system. 

"It works kind of like Facebook for Ring Owners (sic) and you can post videos from your Ring products to this group to alert them," he wrote. "People post Bears (sic) in the area, or suspicious people knocking at their door, etc."

The homeowner said he got multiple responses from others in the area who had been victimized, too. 

"After posting it (sic) I had comments from other neighbors saying they have seen this man in Oceanview and Hillside neighborhoods doing the same thing," he said.

The homeowner said he filed two police reports for the stolen items and fraud. The cases are under investigation by Anchorage Police but he said he has not heard from detectives yet. 

"This guy needs to be stopped before he terrorizes more families," he wrote. 

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