If you're planning to shoot off fireworks or go camping this Independence Day, make sure you know the rules.

The Houston Fire Department has temporarily suspended the use and sales of certain types of fireworks.

According to a release on the fire department's Facebook page, as of 6 p.m. on Monday, the sale and use of novelty-type fireworks with flares or smoke like Roman Candles, parachute-style fireworks, Saturn batteries and similar products are temporarily prohibited due to heightened danger in the Houston area. 


The fire department says they have relayed these restrictions to fireworks stand and they have agreed to comply with the suspension. 

In Anchorage, it's against the law to knowingly sell, possess or use any explosive fireworks. That includes stink bombs and anything with a fuse that is "capable of ignition by matches or percussion," without permission or permits from the Muni, according to Anchorage Police. 

Violation of this could cost you up to $500.

On Tuesday, the Department of Natural Resources released a statement saying a burn permit suspension is in effect for all parts of the Mat-Su Valley due to the dry conditions in the area. 

"Open debris burning, the use of burn barrels and burning of lawns is prohibited until conditions moderate," the release said. "Small campfires less than three feet in diameter are still allowed but not advisable due to the dry conditions."

If you plan to build a campfire, your asked to be clear the area down to mineral soil and have plenty of water on hand. When you put out the fire, make sure to drown it out with water and stir it repeatedly until it's cold to the touch before you leave.  

"State statutes prohibit lighting forested lands, public or private, on fire with any sort of ignition device," DNR says. "Individuals can be held criminally liable and responsible for up to 2 times the cost of suppression."

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