Anchorage Police say at least $100,000 worth of damages was done to an Eagle River elementary school in an act of vandalism over the weekend. 

APD spokesperson Renee Oistad said police responded to an alarm call at Alpenglow Elementary School located at 19201 Driftwood Bay Drive just before 11 p.m. on Saturday. When officers arrived, they saw two exterior windows broken out and believe that's where the suspect made entry into the building. 

Oistad said the suspect fled the scene before police got there and added that the damages made to the school and its property were extensive-- estimated to be at least $100,000 worth. 

"Multiple classrooms were entered and vandalized; multiple holes in the interior walls and windows were made.  Computers, projectors, printers, electronic equipment, and education supplies were damaged and thrown around," Oistad wrote. "Several fire extinguishers were deployed."

Police say it's unclear if anything was taken. 

A School Resource Officer was able to identify the male teenager from evidence; the suspect was contacted by SROs on Wednesday and charges have been forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Justice. 

The investigation is ongoing. 

This wasn't the first time the elementary school fell victim to vandalism. Police say a teen lit some playground equipment on fire in 2015. It cost $50,000 to replace the damaged equipment.