On Wednesday, some familiar names should be vying for another Mount marathon title. The July 4th tradition will run for the ninety-first time.

With a tip of the cap to KTVA's race analyst Clint McCool for his usual stellar 411, let's take a look at some of those who could bring home a crown.


David Norris' name has to shoot right to the top.

The 2016 winner holds the race record at 41:26. Even more impressive that day was his post-race interview. Dude wasn't even breathing heavily.

Look for him to try and break the group on the way up the rock. Of course, he's good on the downhill too but not the fastest on the road. At Bird Ridge, he broke this own record.

Last year's champion Scott Patterson is a question mark. He has an injured toe. If the Olympian is a go, it's game on. He won 2017 in 44:30 but could have gone faster. 

The 38-year old ultramarathon runner Max King could contend too. He's a former mountain running world champion with several U.S trail running titles and was an NCAA All-American at Cornell.

Rickey Gates has never won in Seward but has come close. The veteran has finished second.

Keep an eye on Lars Arneson who starred at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He and Norris train together. 


If Allie Ostrander is running, she's the one to watch.

Folks aren't quite sure what she'll do. We know this: She holds the 12-14 and 15-17 age group records and won convincingly last year in the women's division. She also took a second straight NCAA steeplechase title for Boise State.

But Australian Olympian Jessica Yeaton could make her work for it. Yeaton, an Alaska Pacific University skier won Bird Ridge a couple of weeks ago.

Another APU skier and U.S. Olympian, Rosie Frankowski took Government Peak last month.

And never ever count out Palmer's Christy Marvin. The two-time champion from Palmer makes anyone who wins earn it. 


Michael Connolly of Chugiak broke a Bird Ridge record this year. 

Kendall Kramer of Fairbanks is the highest returning junior girl. She took third a year ago.  

And don't forget a potentially huge X-factor: the heat. With a temperature possibly reaching the mid-70's, Mother Nature could make her own statement.   

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