Once upon a time, a sophomore girl met a senior guy at Service High School and nearly eight years later they tie the knot as husband and wife, alongside a wild animal that was just trying to remain anonymoose. 

Saturday afternoon, Alan and Shandy Cuellar held their fairytale wedding at the Bayshore Clubhouse in south Anchorage in front of nearly 100 of their family and friends -- and a curious moose. 

Just days before the wedding, Shandy went to the venue to meet with her wedding coordinator to go over the setup. As they were looking around, they noticed a moose at the pond and they both said how amazing it would be if that was the backdrop to their wedding photos.

Sure enough, just before the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife, they heard something behind them. 

“I start seeing guests kind of looking that way and I’m just wondering what the commotion is and I look over and I see people kind of moving really fast and I see a moose right there.”

Shandy said the moose seemed more curious than aggressive, but everyone, including the pastor, made sure to be cautious of their surroundings.

“All of a sudden he started coming really quick, towards the arch where we were standing and the pastor was all like, ‘Let’s move forward,'” she said. 

Eventually, the moose mosied on down to the pond and the couple were finally able to enjoy their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Cuellar.

(Credit: Bria Celest)

“Our pictures of our kiss, he’s right there behind us,” Shandy said. 

The experience was one to remember, especially for her Maid of Honor who came up from Florida.

“That was her first time ever seeing a moose," she said. "So she’s over there, so excited, almost in tears like that was her first moose, right up next to her.”

Shandy didn’t know how long the moose was around until it showed up behind them at the altar, but he continued to hang out at around the pond as the wedding party celebrated the happy couple.

“He didn’t even RSVP,” she joked.

(Credit: Bria Celest)

The couple said everything about their special day was perfect. 

The day may have started out gloomy, but as the day progressed, the clouds began to clear and the sun came out just in time for their ceremony, Alan said.

But having a moose crash the wedding made the whole day even better. 

“It couldn’t get more Alaskan than that,” Alan said. 

(Credit: Bria Celest)

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