Anchorage Police say they have arrested the suspect accused of shooting a 27-year-old man to death in Fairbanks over the weekend. 

Joshua Vos, 38, was arrested after police found him inside a vehicle parked in downtown Anchorage on Sunday, according to a statement from APD. 

Witnesses reported that on Saturday, Vos kicked in the door to the residence located in the South Fairbanks area with a handgun in his hand and shot Richard Wayne Robinson, 27, for allegedly having "sexual relations" with his girlfriend; then he fled the scene, Fairbanks police wrote in a statement. 

"During the argument, Vos pointed the gun at Robinson, then shot him one time. The bullet entered Robinson's arm, then into his chest," FPD wrote. 

Vos ended up coming back to the residence where the witnesses were and told them not to call police and then took off in a vehicle. 

Just before 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, Fairbanks police and the fire department EMS responded to the residence. Lifesaving measures were unsuccessful and Robson was pronounced dead at the scene.

FPD said they searched the Delta Junction area for Vos following several tips that he traveled there right after the shooting, but they could not find him. 

On Sunday, FPD detectives determined Vos was in Anchorage following a phone call where he admitted to the shooting, FPD said. 

Anchorage's Police Dispatch was then told one of their homicide suspects may be headed to Anchorage. 

APD said around 9:30 p.m. they spotted Vos inside a vehicle outside the Backpackers Inn, located at 421 Eagle Street.

"The suspect ignored officer’s commands to surrender and exit the vehicle," APD wrote. "The suspect continued to ignore officer’s commands and was eventually tased.

While this was going on, police asked, John Kelly, 61, to leave the perimeter as he was seen walking towards Vos. 

"Despite multiple warnings from officers to leave, the male headed towards the homicide suspect putting himself in danger and endangering the officers," APD wrote.

Police say Kelly was uncooperative and arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 

Vos was taken to the hospital following the tasing and released to police custody. He faces charges of murder in the first-degree.

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