Anchorage Police say the body found lying in the mudflats near Carr-Gottstein Park in south Anchorage over the weekend belongs to a man who's been missing for months. 

APD says the body was identified as Robert Dushkin III, 27. He was reported missing in January.

Detectives believe his death is not suspicious and are still waiting for autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death.

APD spokesperson MJ Thim said the body was found around 8:10 a.m. on June 30 by an adult male biker who called police after he spotted the body lying in one of the flute casts near 3130 Discovery Bay Drive.

"Due to the how treacherous mudflats can be, officers had to take safety precautions to get out there," Thim said. 

APD Sgt. Jeremy Conkling said it took some time to retrieve the body because it was partially submerged about a mile and a half from shore. 

"We were able to get the body with the assistance of AFD up the hill, it took about six or seven officers out there to actually get the body up out of the location in the tidal flats where it was and it was initially fully submerged when we got here and loaded into a four-wheel trailer so we could transport it back to here," Conkling said.

Thim said the body was dirty considering the location and appeared to have been dead for a few days.

Police say Dushkin was not from Anchorage and was unfamiliar with the area. He was last seen on January 7 in the Huffman area. 

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