An Anchorage police call became a puppy patrol this week, after a lost dog decided it enjoyed an APD cruiser’s front seat.

According to a post on APD’s Facebook page, officers had been finishing up another call when people brought the lost male Rottweiler to them.

“The dog took one look at that patrol car, decided that’s where he wanted to be, jumped in, and then wouldn’t get out,” police wrote. “As in ‘growling, showing teeth’ wouldn’t get out.”

Laura Atwood, a spokeswoman for Anchorage Animal Care and Control, said the encounter with the dog happened at about 6 a.m. Thursday near 5th Avenue and Reeve Boulevard.

Officers were able to coax the dog into another cruiser, police wrote on Facebook, and drove the animal over to Animal Care and Control.

Atwood said the Rottweiler doesn't have any microchips or identification, but appears well-behaved. Nobody has come to claim the canine.

"He appears to be an older Rottweiler: he's a little gray around the muzzle, seems to be a little stiff when he moves," Atwood said. "He doesn't look like a young boy."

For their part, police – who posted a Facebook video of a squirrel snagging a donut from an officer earlier this week – weren’t surprised by the Rottweiler’s choice of ride.

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“It’s warm and dry in there and it’s not uncommon for food to be stashed somewhere,” police wrote.

Animal Care and Control will evaluate the Rottweiler for possible adoption next week, Atwood said, with the dog's adoption status available on the center's website.

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