So what did you do this summer?

It's a common question upon return to school. And no, we're not rushing you back to class. 

But when the UAA Seawolves do return for the fall semester, they'll have a pretty cool answer: basketball in Taiwan.

Head coach Ryan McCarthy will lead a delegation of Seawolf players and staff to Asia Thursday for the Blia Cup University Tournament. 

"I have really high expectations for this group next season. This will be a really good opportunity to get to know one another and experience a different culture, and things like that," he said at Wednesday's final practice on campus.

This will be an experience in many ways: a new culture, international travel and a few tweaks to the game they know. The three-point line is farther away and the ball is different, though slightly. 

"First time I played with it, it felt a little smaller to me, other than that, felt like a good ol' normal ball, get used to it," said UAA senior guard Tara Thompson. 

McCarthy says it has more laces but that's due more to design.

But, they're in been mid-season form when it comes to studying. The Seawolves have been hard at work trying to get into a routine. For Yazmeen Goo it's like preparing for an exam.

"I think the toughest part is we only had ten days to practice, so, trying to put in our defense, all our plays, our press, has really been a lot," said the junior guard.

The team has been practicing twice a day along with their normal weightlifting. And then there's the travel.

The group leaves Anchorage on Thursday first flying to Denver. Then it's off to San Francisco before heading overseas. Add in the four-hour bus ride when they land and all in all the trip will take about 26 hours.

"We're super excited, just to be able to play against international teams, to see how we stack up against them will be very fun," said Thompson.

And they'll have a great story in the fall.

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