What started as the perfect honeymoon for Kenyada Tyler and her husband turned into a nightmare.

Kendric Tyler, 34, was shot on the streets of Puerto Rico while protecting his wife from an attempted robbery. The bullet, fired from a semi-automatic Uzi, severed Tyler’s spinal cord and left him paralyzed from the chin down. Tyler's progress has been slow since the incident in early May, but there has been progress.

"Probably about two weeks ago, I pinched his thumb,” Kenyada said. "I'm always pinching him to see if he feels it. And he said, 'ouch.' So, that was a great experience that he felt something in his finger."

This week, Kenyada has returned to her home in Anchorage, but won’t be staying very long. Her plan is to sell all of the couple's belongings to raise money for Kendric’s treatment, as well as costs not covered by insurance.

Mao Tosi, manager at the Northway Mall, offered a storefront for the Tyler family to sell their items this weekend.

"Doctors have told us time and time again, the first six months to a year, it determines how much you're going to get back,” said Kenyada. "That’s the time you really fight and you really put forth all your effort because the longer you take, your spinal cord forgets what it's supposed to be doing."

After this weekend’s sale, Kenyada will head back to Atlanta, Georgia, where Kendric is currently being treated at The Shepard’s Center. The Shepard’s Center is a spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation hospital that is not-for-profit, allowing patients six weeks of treatment before discharge, according to Kenyada.

The Tylers have to leave the facility on July 10, which doesn’t give them much time to find a place to live close to the hospital. The costs are adding up, and that’s why this weekend’s sale is of the utmost importance.

Kenyada continues to stay strong, pulling strength through God and fellow members o the Anchorage community.

“Whatever God chooses to do, he's going to give us the strength to go through it,” said Kenyada, as she referenced people reaching out and sending prayers from around the world. "We've made our request known... if He does it, praise God, and if He doesn’t, praise God. We're just at a place where I'm grateful that he's alive, that he remembers, that he talks to me and no matter what, we're going to move forward."

The next leg of the journey starts after this weekend, as Kenyada says goodbye to her earthly possessions to focus on the man who took a bullet for her, Kendric.

You can support the Tylers this weekend at the Northway Mall, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday and noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday near the Foot Locker. A GoFundMe account has been set up here

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