Trick Pony has been performing for country music audiences for at least 17 years. The country duo, Heidi Newfield and Keith Burns, recorded their first record in 2001. Some of their hit songs include, "Pour Me", "On A Night Like This", and "Just What I Do".

"It's always fun," Newfield said. "We enjoy getting on the road, bringing music to people. We have been blessed to do what we love for a living."

The country music artists are in Anchorage for the 6th Annual Country Backyard BBQ at Eddie's Sport Bar Wednesday June 27. They will be performing alongside Brett Young, Jarrod Neimann, A Thousand Horses, Kendell Marvel, Elvis Monroe and Ken Peltier.

"We did it a couple years ago," Newfield said. "It's grown and grown and it's a blast. So we want to welcome everybody to come out."

Tickets for the show are sold out online. There is a limited number of tickets available for purchase in-person, cash only at the event. 

To learn more about the country band, Trick Pony, go here

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