Eli-Mac is an Hawaiian reggae artist making her debut appearance in Anchorage for the 3rd Annual Aloha Island Jam.

She gained notoriety after coming in ninth place on the third season of American Idol in 2004.

"I was 18 and American idol came to Hawaii and everyone was like, 'you’ve got to audition, you’ve got to'," she said. "It took me where I am today, and it’s been an awesome ride ever since.”

Her real name is Camile Roque Velasco; she started performing professionally under the stage name, Eli-Mac, in 2014. Throughout her career she's opened for Lauryn Hill and Shaggy and toured with Sublime and J Boog. 

Eli-Mac says she's always been into music and began singing long before her American Idol debut.

"I have 5 sisters and my mom sings," she added. "All the girls in my family sing. It was a family thing."

You can see Eli-Mac Saturday June 23 at the Aloha Island Jam. The event takes place at the Koot's parking lot in Spenard.

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