"I grew up here," Jim Voss said. "I went to Kenai High. I moved away for a while then came back with my family. There is all this fishing information out there that people want to access and none of it is comfortable to access. Even convenient to access from your phone. You're searching all over for it."

Voss started working on his phone app, "Alaska Fishtopia," in the fall of 2017. 

"The information out there wasn't targeted to mobile connectivity," Voss said. "We've got the top 20 rivers in Alaska that most people are paying attention to. I can pull up any river and it will give me the last five years of data along with how this year's run is going."

Users of the app can turn off and control what years they'd like to see and what alerts they'd like to have.

"It's an app that can be used for guides and the novice angler," Voss said. "This will tell you the best days to go fishing and where. Also reports on the areas."

Voss says a lot of the information on his app is available in a lot of different places but all in a different location.

"We wanted a convenient way to access it," Voss said. "We brought it together in one place. It has something for everyone, and the app was built for around the whole state, not just the Kenai Peninsula."

Information is available for the entire year on the app. Information from fishing to what is available for nightlife entertainment in the city or town you are staying in.

"What do people want to do after they are done fishing?" Voss said. "They want to know where to eat and what's going on in the area. They want to get out, enjoy and see the area."

Voss says the according to his app, the three-year average shows the best time to be on the Kenai River for king salmon is July 25. 

For more secrets and information on the app, check out the website

Alaska Fishtopia is available at the App Store and Play Store. 

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