A third trial is set in the David Grunwald murder case, but there could still be a fourth. 

After Grunwald's death in November of 2016, four teenagers were charged in his murder, accused of kidnapping, beating and killing the 16-year-old. 

In May, a jury found Erick Almandinger, 18, guilty of all counts, including first-degree murder. A date for his sentencing has not yet been set. 

Dominic Johnson, 18, is set to face a jury in November. 

Thursday, a judge set a trial date of March 6, 2019, for codefendants 17-year-old Bradley Renfro and now-20-year-old Austin Barrett. 

The trial will be the third Grunwald's parents have to sit through, but that could change if Renfro's attorney successfully argues for his case to be severed from Barrett's. 

Defense attorney Chris Provost, who is defending Renfro, said Thursday he's still looking into whether there is a legal reason to sever the cases. Barrett's attorney, who was present by phone, said he has no intention of requesting a separate trial. 

"We will sit through all the trials we need to to make sure that justice happens, no matter what it takes," said Edie Grunwald, David's mother, "David's not here to defend himself, he's not here to represent himself, he doesn't get to have a second chance or any of that, so, whatever it takes, we're here for the long haul." 

Palmer District Attorney Roman Kalytiak said Thursday that his office has not made any plea deal offers to the defendants in the Grunwald case. 

Devin Peterson, 19, was also charged in the case. He's pleaded guilty to state charges of tampering with evidence and hindering the prosecution for hiding the guns used to kill Grunwald and lying to troopers repeatedly about his knowledge and involvement.

He's also pleaded guilty to a federal charge connected to the rape of a minor-- a crime that was discovered during the investigation of Grunwald's death. A joint plea deal gives him a combined nine years to serve for both the state and federal charges. 

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