No injuries were reported Thursday morning after a floatplane ran ashore at Anchorage’s Lake Hood Seaplane Base.

Airport Police and Fire Chief Jesse Davis said initial reports that a single-engine floatplane had crashed came in at about 10:30 a.m.

Airport Police and Fire Sgt. Brad Skupnik said the pilot was unhurt in the incident, which occurred during a landing.

“She landed just fine, and then she said the plane veered over to the left (and) ran up on the bank,” Skupnik said.

It wasn’t clear why the plane veered off course, but Skupnik said there was “nothing in the water” on the lake.

Flight operations at Lake Hood were briefly shut down during the response, but Skupnik said the lake was soon reopened to aircraft. Runways at the airstrip were set to reopen once a crane lifted the plane and put it on a truck for transport.

A National Transportation Safety Board investigator was also en route to the scene, according to NTSB Alaska chief Clint Johnson.

The incident comes a week after a fatal June 13 midair collision over the Susitna River, in which surviving pilot Bruce Markwood was able to land at Lake Hood's airstrip. The other pilot, James Poelman of Wasilla, crashed into the river and died.

Daniella Rivera contributed information to this story.

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