The 1% For Art program has made its way to Airport Heights Elementary.

Three new pieces of art have been installed at the school as part of the program, which is a municipal statute that says one percent of the budget of “original construction, remodeling or renovation of municipal buildings, schools and facilities” go toward art – if the budget is more than $250,000.

The elementary school was recently renovated, making it eligible for the program.

“Art is such an important tool in our community and in our culture. I feel like art is a visual language, and it helps us really communicate in ways we don’t really have words for,” said Enzina Marrari. She runs the 1% For Art Program.

The newest of Airport Heights Elementary's three new pieces of artwork was unveiled Tuesday.

The seven-piece sculpture is covered in mosaic tiles. It stands near the school’s playground and features three pillars, three benches and a centerpiece that represents an Alaska Native drum.

The three pillars each represent nature, time and weather, respectively.

The project has been in the works more than a year, and artist Eileen Gay said the exciting part is watching kids interact with the artwork.

“It's a very touchable art form. It's a very human scale,” Gay said. “It’s fun to do stuff for kids. It really is. They see it from a whole different level.”

The sculpture joins the two other pieces of artwork that are inside of the school. The budget for all three fulfills the one percent.

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