As the Katmai National Park and Preserve near King Salmon celebrates its centennial year, Alaskans and visitors alike can once again visit its celebrated bear webcam to see the animals this summer summer.

The park near King Salmon announced Tuesday that the cameras – which feature views of bears visiting the area as well as interpretive commentary from park rangers and others – were once again live. Although just 13,000 people visited the vicinity of the Brooks River last year, the live stream can accommodate “tens of thousands of visitors” at any given moment.

“This is going to be a great summer for people to watch the cameras,” said Anela Ramos, District Interpreter with the National Park Service. “Especially with so many young bears running around this season, the cams provide a remarkable opportunity to increase our understanding of the behavior of brown bears. It is a really valuable educational tool.” 

Last year saw up to 49 bears visiting the river to feed on sockeye salmon during the peak of the season. This year, rangers expect up to 20 “subadult” bears, no longer cubs but not yet sexually mature, to be in the area.

The full live stream is available on

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