A Valley resident who spotted a suspected drunk driver swerving all over the road, apprehended him until troopers arrived early Sunday morning. 

William Dent-Kincaid, 28, of Hatcher Pass was arrested for DUI, according to Alaska State Troopers' online dispatch. All thanks to a REDDI (Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately) report.

Derek Homme of Palmer said he was heading home around midnight when he saw a truck -- towing a snow machine on a trailer -- swerving in and out of the lane ahead of him. He called 911 and then decided to follow the truck onto Palmer Fishhook Road, almost to Hatcher Pass, when Dent-Kincaid pulled into a gas station.

Homme captured it on his cell phone. In the video, you can see the driver swerving on the road and the trailer hit the gas pump as he attempted to park. That was when Homme confronted the driver. 

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Homme said Dent-Kincaid reeked of booze. While waiting for troopers to arrive, Dent-Kincaid jumped in his truck attempted to take off, but Homme acted fast to try to stop him. 

"I opened his door and jumped across him," Homme said about the encounter. "I elbowed him to the face a couple times to try to get him to stop. He kept accelerating and my feet dragged on the pavement for roughly 10 feet."

Homme said he was able to pull the e-brake located in the center console and once the vehicle stopped, he took the keys out of the ignition before he pulled Dent-Kincaid out of the vehicle. 

"I physically threw him out of the car after that and straight into the pavement and searched him for weapons," he explained. "Took troopers about 30 minutes to show up. They came quicker once they heard there had been an incident after I detained him."

For others who witness something like this, Homme says it's important to call police right away so no one gets hurt. 

"I only did what every single citizen that cares about this community should do," he said. "We cannot simply let these people go when the crime is this detrimental to public safety. I've seen this happen all too often. This wasn't heroic at all, it was long overdue."

Dent-Kincaid was taken to Mat-Su Pretrial on $500 bail. 

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