A moose calf stuck in a Soldotna hole got some help from a few good Samaritans last week.

Val Ischi noticed the calf on her property in Soldotna on June 7. She thought it was lying on the ground and didn’t think much of it that Thursday.

The next day, she, some family and friends saw the moose’s ears pop up from the ground in the same spot as the day before.

She got concerned and called the state Department of Fish and Game, which has cautioned people against handling wild animals -- but Fish and Game told her they didn’t have someone to send out right away.

Ischi saw the moose was struggling, so her nephew and a friend went down in the hole while being cautious and watching the moose's mother, which wasn’t too far away.

Less than five minutes later, they were able to hoist the moose out of the hole.

After a second, the calf ran to the cow. After a moment of nuzzling, it went straight to feeding.

Ischi thinks the calf was stuck in the hole for about 24 hours.

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