Federal prosecutors are getting involved after a man allegedly threatened the Pretrial Enforcement Division (PED) officers in charge of supervising him.  

Shane Muse, 29, and his girlfriend Crystal Tui, 25, are both facing federal weapons charges after making headlines again over the weekend. 

Muse currently has four open felony cases with the state. The latest stems from an encounter with pretrial officers on Saturday. Muse was out on some of the most restrictive bail conditions-- house arrest with a GPS-equipped ankle monitor, and PED supervision.

According to court documents, pretrial officers noticed he’d made unapproved stops on his way home from the hospital and showed up to arrest him for violating his conditions of release.

Anchorage Police officers were then called to the scene after reports Muse was fighting with the PED officers. Muse was found to have a stolen gun that PED officers believe he kept reaching for when they arrived.  

According to the documents, Muse later told police officers Tui gave him the gun shortly before the PED officers arrived. 

The charging documents say Tui admitted to giving Muse the stolen gun, but would only say she got it from a friend whom she refused to name. 

"This is actually a case where Pretrial Enforcement Division or Supervision worked. It worked as it was supposed to. Mr. Muse was released. It was over the state's objection, but he was put on pretrial supervision, he had an ankle monitor, he was on GPS tracking, and Pretrial Enforcement got word or notice that he was deviating from where he was supposed to be, so when they went to contact him, that's how the rest of the events unfolded," said Kevin Bergt, the assistant district attorney prosecuting the case. 

Wednesday, Muse did not show up for his scheduled bail hearing in state court because he was being arraigned on a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm in federal court. 

Tui was arraigned after him on the same charge, as well as an additional charge of knowingly providing a firearm to a felon. 

Prior to Muse being placed in federal custody, Bergt had planned to argue for higher bail amounts in his other pending cases. 

"The numbers speak for themselves. Any time you have four pending cases before the Superior Court and three of those cases were picked up or charged after you were released on bail, I think there’s a good argument to say that Mr. Muse presents a risk to the public, and certainly an argument can be made that he’s either blatantly or very reckless with regard to court conditions and doing what the court tells him to do," said Bergt. 

Bergt said the Anchorage District Attorney's Office will now evaluate whether to proceed with the state charges. 

"We haven’t made that decision yet. I can tell you that there are times when my office will decide to dismiss cases in light of federal prosecution because the exposure on the federal side is high enough to where it just doesn’t make sense, from a taxpayer standpoint, to have resources invested in cases where we know that they’re going to face significant time in the federal system. There are other cases where that doesn’t make sense, and depending on what charges the federal government has planned will dictate what steps we take next," said Bergt. 

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