It's time to put what they learned to good use. Kids hit the ice during the UAA Seawolves Hockey Camp at the Wells Fargo Center.

That includes the newest kid on the block, the Seawolves' recently-hired head coach, Matt Curley.

"It's always nice working with kids. It's sort of a different problem when you're out there with them," Curley said.

He took over the program in April and has been busy since the move to Anchorage.

"Talk with a lot of our players, both returning, and incoming, which has been great, and kind of just getting a general feel about things around campus," said Curley.

It's been a simple adjustment for Curley, who admits hockey is the simple detail of his new job.

"Some of the hardest part is how do I check my voicemail? How do I receive something? It's the little mundane things I think it's part of any new job," Curley said.

One of the big jobs know is finding new players to join a program that suffered its fourth straight losing season last year.

"That's a never-ending job. In this day and age we live in, it's 24/7, 365," said Curley, who could get some help with recruiting from an unlikely source.

The Washington Capitals celebrated their first Stanley Cup in team history this week.

Among the key components is Jay Beagle, who played his college hockey at UAA from 2005 to 2007

"When you look at the NHL, there have been about 6,500 men who have worn an NHL jersey, that's 100 years of hockey. Then, you factor in a guy like Jay Beagle, who not only plays there but just won a Stanley Cup, it's a remarkable story, a great thing-- something we are proud to promote for our program," said Curley.

Curley will display the accomplishment as he looks for a positive angle and an edge.

"I'm hoping our guys see that, and hey, you don't have to come from the big name schools to get there," said Curley.

He thinks the answer to NHL success may just lie in a college hockey team in Alaska, with the sales pitch ready, the new head coach is now looking for buyers.

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